Serendipity Films is a young production company based in Taipei, Taiwan. Focus in trans-media storytelling, with expertise in films, web/television series, virtual reality (VR) production. Serendipity Films aims to create art, that fuses culture on the screen, the reflection of life. With colleagues in Asia, America, and Europe, we strive to professionally and flexibly, to create surprises and show creativities in multi-mediums. The company’s productions are purposed for the creative imagination and seek to combine culture and skilled storytelling, with new technologies, for the pleasure of an international viewing audience. With experience as part of teams attached to film production, story-world building, and script development, our goal is to develop productions that can connect to the modern society and engage audiences, and work to bring our vision of storytelling to the world.

Our Works


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Meet The Team

Estela-1Estela Valdivieso Chen | CEO & Founder | Producer

Started her film career working on Tsai Ming-Liang and Ang Lee’s Films. She founded SERENDIPITY FILMS to produce innovative projects with new technology and explore the future of storytelling. She is also a managing partner at HOUSE ON FIRE INTERNATIONAL in 2016, to produce quality international co-productions.

Vincent-1Vincent Wang | Partner |  Producer

After producing Tsai Ming- Liang’s films with HOMEGREEN FILMS for 12 years, he founded HOUSE ON FIRE and HOUSE ON FIRE INTERNATIONAL in order to continue to work with authors from all around the world. In 2018, he joined SERENDIPITY FILMS as a managing partner, to bring more alternative projects to Taiwan.

信弘Nobu Tsai | Partner | Producer

Worked in Edward Yang’s animation studio and later worked with Doze Niu and Tsai Ming- Liang. He Co-founded HOUSE ON FIRE INTERNATIONAL in 2013 and oversees management and productions. In 2018, he joined SERENDIPITY FILMS as a managing partner, to develope alternative content with creative and inovative  technology.

Adam-1Adam Young | International Co-production | Producer 

Studied Music Performance and Production at the University of South Florida and began in the film industry by location scouting for films and TV.  Proficient in Mandarin, he moved to Taiwan to work in film production in 2012, working on project developments and  liason for international film productions.


Hazel Wu | Business Planner

Hazel Wu graduated from the London Film School & University of Exeter’s International Film Business MA with a focus on sales and distribution strategies in the international market. She continues to explore market-based decision-making and the intuition of film marketing and sales.



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